Computer Adult Learning Centers
Formerly CALC Tucson Learning Centers

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This page is for Computer Adult Learning Centers  Students

  Basic Word processor toolbar exercise quiz.

 What do you know about Computers?

mouseMouse Exercise     teaching how to move and click a computer mouse

         Computer: Keyboard Exercise

If you need Help with downloading click on the Hyperlink to   DOWNLOAD HELP

Downloading of files other then file.exe or can only be downloaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher

Hangaroo   Version 1.1     Download Time 5min At 28.800K

This is a  fun game  HangARoo   Click on the Hyperlink to  DownLoad Now

Felix the Cat      Version 1   Download time 3min At 28.800K

This Cat runs around your Desk Top  Click on the Hyperlink to   DownLoad Now  


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