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All Workshops are on Friday afternoons (1-4pm) - one Workshop is 3-hours on the designated date.

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Sept. 18, 2009   Social Networking      By Diane Turausky     $20.00   

Are you thinking about becoming involved in social networking?  In this Workshop you will be introduced to some of the more popular forms of electronic social interaction (FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and Skype) and will be given some guidelines regarding protocol and security. Most of the Workshop will be devoted to giving participants time to set up their own accounts and begin interacting. Participants should have names and email addresses of people they would want to connect with handy so that they can begin to make contact the day of the Workshop.


Sept. 25, 2009  Understanding Your Digital Camera     By Kent Phillips and Vance Tanner     $10.00

What do all of those camera settings and buttons do? Learn what different camera settings do for you, how to transfer photos from your camera to your computer and clear your camera’s memory. When you should (and shouldn’t) use flash, zoom and macro settings.


Oct. 02, 2009   Keyboard / Typing   By Marge Humphrey      $10.00     

For anyone who didn't get around to signing up for TYPING 101 in high school this is a perfect opportunity to get those fingers moving.  In this Keyboard / Typing Workshop you will learn or re-learn the keyboard and go home with typing exercises that will keep your fingers walking.


  Oct. 9, 2009  Computer Accessibility for Seniors    By Warren Tisdale  $20.00

Tools for visually impaired, "not so nimble fingers," and others who want to make their computer easier to use. Learn ways to change the look and feel of your computer. This Workshop will investigate the Accessibility features built into Windows Vista.  Audio readers, visual aids, on-screen keyboard, and magnifier will be investigated.  Internet audio/visual aids will be looked at using Internet Explorer.


  Oct. 16, 2009   eBay     By Jack Monahan   $20.00  

Clean your garage, closets, sell the things you haven't used in years, or shop for "treasures" you have always had a fancy for but have never found.  A new world to explore. You will never be bored again!



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Note:   A registration form and course fees are required to reserve a place in the course.  Registrations are taken in order of date received.


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